Timing Belts

Synchronous Timing Belts are able to offer a fixed speed ratio, no re-tensioning after installation, and low maintenance costs. They are able to accommodate a wide variety of power transmission capacities and drive speeds.

PIX have a state-of-the-art facility where they manufacture; Classical, HTD, STD & Automotive Synchronous Belts

Classical Synchronous Timing Belts


  1. Trapezoidal tooth profile
  2. High efficiency characteristics, due to positive engagements between belt teeth and pulley grooves
  3. No re-tensioning required
  4. Maintenance free
  5. Conforms to BS 4548 standard

HTD Synchronous Timing Belts

Features :

  1. Modified tooth profile for improved stress distribution
  2. Reduced tooth jump due to deeper tooth design
  3. High efficiency characteristics, due to positive engagement between belt teeth and pulley grooves
  4. No re-tensioning required
  5. Maintenance free
  6. Increased power transmission capacity
  7. Conforms to ISO 13050

PIX Transmissions Ltd, is a leading manufacturer of Belts and related mechanical Power Transmission. The Company features state-of-the-art Belt manufacturing units as well as a completely automated Rubber Mixing facility.

PIX Transmissions Ltd. enjoys significant brand equity in the Power Transmissions industry, with strong local as well global presence.

PIX has been on the forefront of development and innovation. The culmination of continual investment, rich and diverse experience, technology, state of the art facilities which include a design centre, fabrication workshop, and elaborate testing facilities has positioned PIX as a highly-prolific manufacturer.

The fully-computerized Mixing plant as well as its ultra-modern production facility reflects favourably on the company’s emphasis on automation as well as Quality. It is this facet that allows the company to offer a compelling performance to price ratio to its customers.

PIX Transmissions Ltd

The Megadyne Group develops and manufactures power transmission belts, matched components and complete belt systems for any kind of machines. As a reliable partner for original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket distributors, it has manufacturing plants in Europe, North America and Asia. Megadyne can provide its customers with a large range of products: thermoset and thermoplastic polyurethane belts, rubber timing and v-belts, pulleys, clamping plates, timing bars and more other complementary products, including tailor made.

Whilst our website does not cover the Megadyne range in depth, information about products which are also supplied by them can be found below:

Megadyne Group Ltd

Bode Belting GmbH is a family-run business with decades of experience in the manufacture and application of plastic conveyor belts, timing belts and coatings. By working closely with their customers they have mastered all kinds of challenges and positioned themselves in the industry as a competent contact for effective solutions.

Their range is based on high-quality products manufactured on modern equipment at their factory in Germany and in other international production locations. Production always complies with current environmental standards and places special value on high energy efficiency.

Bode Belting’s success is due largely to two main factors: First, their capability to adapt and optimise products to current market needs. Second, their constant development of new products for future technologies and conveyor equipment.

Our performance in terms of quality, price and delivery times comes as a result of efficient production of base products, as well as our streamlined refining workshops and balanced warehouse organisation. Bode Belting stands for reliable technical solutions in an environmentally friendly setting.

As an approved Distributor Intralogistics Aftercare Solutions has access to the entire range of products offered, a selection of which can be found below:

Bode Belting