Powered Rollers

Powered Rollers come in various shapes and sizes, but by far the most common is the Interroll EC310:

The RollerDrive EC310 is a drive component for unit handling conveyors. 24 V DC brushless motor, integrated in a tube based on Roller Series 1700, delivers continuous power of 32 W and is an ideal solution for a wide range of conveyor applications. It is fitted with an electronic holding brake which allows it to be used on a gradient or incline conveyors. Due to recycling of the braking energy up to 30% of energy can be saved in the system.

Going Round the bend? No Problem for Interroll their Tapered EC310 has it covered!

The energy efficient drive guarantees perfectly coordinated functions for your zero pressure accumulation conveyors in straights and curves.

Getting Cold? No Problem, the EC310 Deep Freeze can run at -30C

In a Washdown Area? No Worries, Interroll even make the EC310 with an IP66 rating to ensure that even after a thorough soaking it will work, first time, every time!



Interroll is one of the world's leading manufacturers of key products for unit load handling systems, internal logistics and automation. These solutions are used primarily within the area of food processing, airport logistics, postal services, distribution and in various segments of industry.

The products include easy-to-integrate drive solutions such as drum motors for belt conveyors, DC-powered and non-powered rollers for conveyor systems; energy-efficient flow storage modules for compact pallet/container racking systems in distribution centres; Crossbelt sorters, belt curves and other user-friendly conveyor modules for cost-efficient material flow systems.