Novo Belting

The Novo Felt Belts are also known as 'Anti-Cut Belts' they don’t cut easily unlike a PVC or PU belt would.

NOVO belts are made of non-woven (needled) polyester and impregnated with a special rubber Latex. This provides excellent resistance to abrasion and cutting, low noise and minimal stretch when sized and tensioned properly. The material also has very good resistance to oils, fats and chemical agents. Non Oven Conveyor belts are used mostly for Cut and ware resistant application industries like Automotive Industries, Sheet metal handling, Tyre Industries, High temp application. Paper Industries, postal and airport installations and aluminum Industries. The antistatic types are used in electronic, optical and computer industry. All styles are available in green, black antistatic and FDA white.


Ammeraal Beltech is one of the world’s leaders in process and conveyor belting. In all industries and logistics services, products are transported and often processed during transport. In fact, many of the products you see and use daily could well have been in contact with Ammeraal Beltech belts before they came to you.

That’s because Ammeraal Beltech are a truly global company with our products in use far and wide. They have affiliates, such as Intralogistics Aftercare Solutions Ltd, in 26 countries and thanks to our worldwide distribution network, our products are available in 150 countries around the planet.

What’s more, Ammeraal Beltech have production plants in 7 countries and over 80 Ammeraal Beltech fabrication centres close to our customers, they can provide standard and tailor-made solutions, often supported by 24/7 service.

While our Group Head Office is based in the Netherlands, we have a network of operating companies worldwide which serve as the point of contact for our local customers.

At each of our local offices, our representatives work with every customer to find solutions to their specific requirements. Indeed, our solid combination of geographical structure, market segment knowledge and product management, is the whole foundation of our innovative and service-oriented organisation.

As an approved Distributor Intralogistics Aftercare Solutions has access to the entire range of products offered, a selection of which can be found below:


Ammeraal Beltech

Bode Belting GmbH is a family-run business with decades of experience in the manufacture and application of plastic conveyor belts, timing belts and coatings. By working closely with their customers they have mastered all kinds of challenges and positioned themselves in the industry as a competent contact for effective solutions.

Their range is based on high-quality products manufactured on modern equipment at their factory in Germany and in other international production locations. Production always complies with current environmental standards and places special value on high energy efficiency.

Bode Belting’s success is due largely to two main factors: First, their capability to adapt and optimise products to current market needs. Second, their constant development of new products for future technologies and conveyor equipment.

Our performance in terms of quality, price and delivery times comes as a result of efficient production of base products, as well as our streamlined refining workshops and balanced warehouse organisation. Bode Belting stands for reliable technical solutions in an environmentally friendly setting.

As an approved Distributor Intralogistics Aftercare Solutions has access to the entire range of products offered, a selection of which can be found below:

Bode Belting

Forbo Movement Systems is a global industry leader in supplying high-quality conveyor belts and processing belts as well as plastic modular belts, power transmission belts, and timing and flat belts made of synthetic materials. They are used in a variety of ways in manufacturing and in the retail and service sectors, for example as conveyor and processing belts in the food industry, as treadmills in fitness studios or as flat belts in letter sorting systems.

Why choose Forbo?

  • 24-hour service worldwide
  • On-site service with local Forbo personnel and warehouses for the respective markets' products
  • Local production and manufacture
  • Diverse range of products offering first-class quality – all standard products plus special products
  • Production options up to a width of 5 meters
  • Product development for special customer requests

Forbo Movement Systems

Habasit is the worldwide number one in the belting industry. During decades of market leadership we have developed a broad range of superior products and services, and a profound knowledge base and experience. Building on these strengths, we are combining our dynamic growth with a continuous extension of our offering. Our totally customer-driven approach makes Habasit the best provider of high-quality power transmission and conveying solutions for every application.

As a family-owned firm based in Switzerland with a global presence in over 70 countries, Habasit is your partner for the long-term.