Bespoke Rollers

Intralogistics Aftercare Solutions manufacturing partners manufacture to suit our customers individual requirements. 

They are able to manufacture rollers for a wide range of conveyor roller systems, from stainless steel, zinc-plated mild steel and PVC in tube diameters ranging from 20mm to 102mm.

Thanks to our varied pool of mmanufacturers and their extensive stocks of raw material, we can handle even large one-off quantity orders with impressive turnaround times, in ammnay occasions less than a week. 

By teaming up with our high quality team of manufacturers and our stocking service you can rest assured that we will always have the roller you need, whenever you need it!


Interroll is one of the world's leading manufacturers of key products for unit load handling systems, internal logistics and automation. These solutions are used primarily within the area of food processing, airport logistics, postal services, distribution and in various segments of industry.

The products include easy-to-integrate drive solutions such as drum motors for belt conveyors, DC-powered and non-powered rollers for conveyor systems; energy-efficient flow storage modules for compact pallet/container racking systems in distribution centres; Crossbelt sorters, belt curves and other user-friendly conveyor modules for cost-efficient material flow systems.


Intralogistics Aftercare Solutions Ltd is proud to draw upon the support of a wide range of manufacturers of bespoke rollers.

Our dedicated team have spent many years working to build a database of manufacturers, so that when you entrust us to source, stock and replenish your rollers, you can be assured we outsource the production to the best manufacturer for the style of roller you require.

Whether you choose standard steel rollers with 2Rs bearings or Stainless Steel, PU coated rollers with Stainless Steel bearings and endcaps, with the addition Hex shape spring loaded ends we have the right manufacturer waiting for your order.

Please get in touch to arrange for us to survey your stock requirements now!

IAS Roller Manufacturing