The Loctite brand, part of the Henkel portfolio since 1997, is renowned for the excellence of its adhesives and sealants. Since the original development of a unique anaerobic technology more than fifty years ago, Loctite products have become vital components in many of the machines and products that are at the core of everyday life.

Loctite products provide solutions across the whole spectrum of adhesive technologies and manufacturing processes. They are used in markets as diverse as electronics, automotive, aerospace, biomedical and many manufacturing industries.

With the Loctite brand, Henkel offers much more than outstanding products: It provides effective solutions to specific problems in a wide range of industrial environments. Henkel engineers, chemists and sales people will work with customers to understand and solve their problems. Developing ideas and concepts into real solutions, they combine resources to make advances for the benefit of everyone.

Everybody uses it, and nearly every supplier will offer it... but why go to the hassle of raising another order on your system when you can simply add it to your portal offering and top up as required!

We stock and source both Loctite and Bondloc Brand, covering the range of standard products:

  • Thread lockers

  • Gasketing

  • Thread sealing

  • Retaining
  • Cyanoacrylates (Superglue's)

  • Structural Adhesives

  • Sealants

  • Cleaners


Everybody uses it, and nearly every supplier will offer it...